About Us


Knymble is a Central Florida company with deep community roots and a long history.


We have been supporting the technology needs of small and mid-sized business in the area for almost twenty years.


We know what it takes to keep your organization running--with systems and services that you can count on--always on a budget that you can predict and afford.

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Technical Skills You Need - Business Impact You Can Measure

For most of our clients, the performance and reliability of their technology infrastructure is heavily dependent on well-configured and maintained Microsoft Windows-based servers and workstations.

For over seventeen years, Charles Calabritto, our Owner and Chief Solutions Architect has been recognized by Microsoft as a subject matter expert in multiple products and technologies that are essential for most small and mid-sized business.

In addition, he is a small business owner, who has experienced the struggles and successes in partnering with the right professionals to move an organization forward.

When it comes to your technology, Knymble is your trusted partner!